Month: January 2016

Japan, Terriorium,and other updates

In the period November 2015 – January 2016 I have been working in parallel on several levels.

  • I have held several lectures about my work and methods for the Danish network for artistic research, (Copenhagen) at Artistic Research Forum (Kristiansand) and at The Danish National School of performing Arts.
  • I begun in an engagement at The Danish National School of Performing Arts and Rythmic Music Concervatory in Copehagen as a guest tutor in their collaborative project “Performative Concert” November 2015 – February 2016.
  • I started develloping a new stage performance in collaboration with Birgitte Fjeld Bjørsvik. Planned premiere, medio 2017.
  • I have participated in a two-week pilot project on a new opera/theatre/performance production for children, «BOPERA»  in collaboration with Marianne Skjeldal, Beata Kretovicova Iden, Kartein Solli, Carl N. Love and Jon Halvor Bjørnseth. Premier performance is planned to be in 2017 at Dansens Hus, Oslo.
  • I just finished a trip to Japan doing intensive workshop at “Kazuo Ohno Dance Studio” with Yoshito Ohno. The work with Yoshito Ohno lays the foundation for the choreography as Janne Hoem and I develop for the solo performance «Territorium»


  • The performance territory that I create with Janne Hoem and Gunhild Mathea Olaussen premieres at Tou Scene in Stavanger 17 March, with subsequent performance on March 18.Skjermbilde 2015-10-26 kl. 12.25.00

  • My production which premiered in Oslo in 2011, Klaus Nomi – Angel of Suburbia (Written by Sven Henriksen, directed by Piotr Cholodzinski) are invited to “Theatre X cai” in Tokyo, and the “Great Star Theatre” in San Francisco in January 2017.