Writing Journey June 2014

Friday 20th June I start a following instructions for text generation provided by Claire MacDonald

Decadence and Decay: 18 hours, 18 days: instructions for text generation

18 texts: 9 sonnets and 9 haikus over 18 hours during the course of one day.

Start up at 6.am 20th June.

Look out for documentation of process and results!

Skjermbilde 2014-06-19 kl. 15.00.18

Lets prepare.

IMG_0840 IMG_0848 IMG_0849 IMG_0850


6:00 A cut-up haiku made from the words on the back of a packet of painkillers

1st hour, first day. Completed.

IMG_0851 IMG_0852

7:00 Numbers, a sonnet: gather written numbers from around the house: weights, dates, volumes, measurements. Gather them with their classifications gms, MHZ, kilo, cms. Make a sung sonnet

Second hour (and a little) second day, a sonnet:

IMG_0866 IMG_0865

Singing the sonnet:


8:00 Radio haiku: the first words you hear and write down as you hear them, when you switch it on for 1 minute, re-arranged and edited.

Day Three. Radio Haiku:


Day four.

9:00 A sonnet made from the names of Norwegian trees:

IMG_0877 IMG_0878 IMG_0879

images-4 images-5 images-6

Day Five:

10:00 Haiku: generate a letter to your grandfather. Take just enough words. Burn the letter. Take a picture.




IMG_0898 IMG_0905IMG_0903


Finally again on my writing journey. Due to family and summer,  and some time off, this project had to be put on hold for a while.

Day 6. Sonnet: Words gathered from street signs along a shopping street.




Day seven.

A haiku made from the names of your daughters, wife, and the two grandmothers.


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