Activities August-September 2014

  • This spring the composers and singers Kristin Norderval, Ingrid  Vetlesen Ingrid  Stige and myself started VoxLAB; an  organization / group of artists who work with experimental vocal music.
    Among other things, we organize workshops with leading artists.
    In June we organized a a workshop with Pauline Oliveros.  At the moment I am busy planning our next workshop, with Phil Minton September 6, and the subsequent concert with him the next day.
  • Decadence and Decay. September 8 to 17 Jill Sigman from New York coming to Norway to work with me on the project “Decadence and Decay” This is the first work period, development of concept and material. The next work period is in New York in November, also joined by the other artistic collaborators; DJ Joro Boro and scenographer Corentin Leven.
  • I’m working steadily on the project “Territory” with artist / director Janne Hoem. I expect that it will be ready for the first viewing in December 2014.

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